How do I sign up?

You can use email to sign up to uMashesha Ridesharing in seconds.
From the homepage, just go to Sign up, follow the instructions and you’re away!

Do I have to sign up, and is it free?

Signing up on uMashesha Ridesharing is ONLY R1500 per annum (for the owner driver and
vehicle) and R600-00 for the passenger(s) which is renewable every year. The indicated
annual fee is meant to cater for personal and vehicle vetting, and admin fees, free to any
destination across the country.
It is mandatory to sign up if you wish to benefit from our services, which connects vetted
drivers and passengers and saves you money on your future travel plans.
Being a member of uMashesha Ridesharing enables you to offer seats in your vehicle and
travel at the best price to thousands of destinations.

Why can't I sign up?

To sign up, you need to fill in all the necessary fields: last name, first name, date of birth,
password and provide a valid email address.
If the site indicates that your phone is already registered, it means it is already used on
another profile. It is not possible to use the same phone number on different profiles.
If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot Password" in the identification window and
follow the indicated steps.
If a member has registered your phone number on their profile, or if a profile already exists
with your credentials or in any other case, we invite you to contact us. We'll answer you
personally within 24 hours.

What is my Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is accessible from the drop-down menu by clicking on your first name or
your portrait (the link appears in the top right hand corner of your screen). It is the page
from which you can find all of the different features available to you:
Your profile
Your preferences
Your verifications
Your activity on the site
You can also access the following features with a click:
Your Offer Rides
Your Bookings
Your Messages
Your Alerts
Your Ratings
Your Money (Payments made, Available funds)
In a nutshell, your Dashboard allows you to manage all your actions on uMashesha
Ridesharing. It is simple, fast and cost- effective.

What do you do with my email?

uMashesha Ridesharing has an internal messaging system, so you can communicate with
the community through us, without ever disclosing your email publicly. You will only ever
receive emails from us.

Can under 18s use uMashesha Ridesharing?

You need to be over 18 to create a profile on uMashesha Ridesharing. However, if you have
a teen who wants to travel, you can book a ride for them using your account.
Just a few very important things to do before booking:
- Contact the driver to make sure they’re comfortable taking them
- Agree on a specific place to pick them up and drop them off
- Make sure someone’s there to meet them at the end of the ride
Important! If a child under 13 wants to carpool, a parent or guardian needs to go with them.
Go to our Terms of Service/Terms & Conditions for more. (School Ridesharing)

Can I book a seat or offer a ride for someone else?

Each person using the services uMashesha Ridesharing must have their own profile!
It is important for the trust and smooth organization of rides in general.
Each profile created on the website is authenticated, rated and various elements are
verified for purposes of security and trust, such as the phone number, ID. No/Passport No.
If you book a seat with a driver, based on the quality of the ratings they have received on
their profile and then find out that a different driver shows up at the meeting point, you
may not trust this person anymore and are entitled to cancel your ride.
If you accept a passenger’s booking request after checking their profile and find out that the
person showing up at the meeting point is someone else, you may not trust them anymore
and are entitled to refuse to transport this person, solely for this reason.
Generally speaking, lending one’s profile often leads to claims or negative ratings, which
could be avoided easily. Therefore, it is necessary for each person who would like to use
the services of uMashesha Ridesharing to create their own profile.

It takes just 20 seconds and all you need an email address and a phone number!
If, for any reason, someone is really unable to sign up (no mobile phone, for instance), we
occasionally accept that another person books for them, provided they ask for the driver’s
permission BEFORE booking. This logic does not apply to drivers, since they have a much
greater responsibility for the safety of the passengers.

What if I can't contact a passenger?

Can’t get in touch with your passenger? Take a quick look to make sure you have the right
number. We sent it to you by email and/or SMS when you accepted the booking.
Still no luck? Try sending them a message on uMashesha Ridesharing. To do so, head to
the Rides page and then select See passengers. From this page, you can send a message to
any of your passengers directly.
If they’ve already started a conversation with you, just tap the envelope icon.

Still no luck? Oops, we’re sorry. If there’s still some time before your ride leaves, then it
might be worth waiting a bit to see if they get back to you. With different work/life
schedules, it takes some people longer than others. If you’re worried that your ride is
approaching, you can cancel their booking and report that they’re unreachable. Their seat
will be available for another passenger to book.

What if a passenger cancels before departure or doesn’t show up?

It happens, but we know how disappointing it can be. That’s why we compensate you for
last minute cancellations. It’s even worse when someone doesn’t show up. You can report
this by heading to your ride and tapping on “Didn’t travel?”. 
In either case, we’ll compensate you accordingly: 
- My passenger cancels 24 hours before my ride leaves 
We’ll make the seat available for new passengers, but you won’t be compensated. There’s
still plenty of time for you to find another passenger. 
- My passenger cancels less than 24 hours before my ride leaves 
We’ll make the seat available for new passengers, and you’ll receive 50% of the booking,
even if a new passenger books. 
- My passenger doesn’t show up 
When you let us know, we'll get to work on the claim. We give the passenger the chance to
agree or disagree with you to be fair. If it turns out the passenger was at fault, you’ll get
100% of the money, just as though you travelled with them. 
Our policy is spelled out in more detail in our Terms of Service.

How do I cancel a ride?

It only takes a minute to delete or cancel your ride. Obviously it’s much easier if you don’t
already have passengers. But either way, you can head to your rides and find one you want
to delete. Pick a reason for your cancellation and take a quick moment to share any
relevant details (only our Customer Relations team will see this info). It’s totally fine if you
can’t travel anymore, but to keep the awesome trust and love we have in our community,
cancel online and let your passengers know ASAP. They’ll be grateful for the extra time to
find another ride. We’ll let them know about the cancellation by SMS and email.
You won’t be penalized for cancelling, but when drivers cancel regularly and/or at the last
minute, we can suspend them from posting to keep uMashesha Ridesharing reliable.